CUSD Celebrates October 14, 2023

With great excitement, we present the latest issue of "CUSD Celebrates!" - a compilation of stories, accomplishments, and memorable moments that resonate with the heartbeat of our district. Within these pages, explore a variety of achievements and narratives that vividly bring to life the spirit of our community. From the triumphant successes of our CHS Band and Color Guard, the articulate elegance of our Debate Team, to the unwavering commitment of our cherished Executive Secretary, Eva Barriga.

Join us in this inspiring journey, exploring passion, perseverance, and stories. Let's take a moment to honor the individuals and events that develop and enhance the CUSD community. Your ongoing support and participation have always been the foundation of our efforts, and we invite you to read these stories that reflect our shared purpose.

CUSD Celebrates 10/14/2023

CUSD Celebrates! - 10/14/2023

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