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Welcome to Sycamore, a learning community.  Our school is a place where partnerships between teachers, students and families are vital and collaboration in the classroom is the norm. We are committed to a student-centered approach, believing that the questions, ideas, and interests of our students serve as the most authentic source for motivation.  Supportive relationships are fostered within our multi-age environment, and as a result, our students work safely, creatively, and collaboratively to find varied paths to success and to acquire the content and cognitive skills they need to be self-directed and reflective learners.  Within the Sycamore community, students begin to understand their ability and responsibility to positively impact others, as fellow students and citizens.

Volunteers Needed!

Recently, you received the "Family Resource Questionaire."  This form is intended to survey your talents and connections in hopes of meeting the specific needs present at Sycamore.  While it is true that much can be accomplished with only a willing spirit and a bit of time, we occasionally have specialized needs.  I would like to believe that most needs can be met with the resources present within our school family.  We hope to use the information we receive from these forms to create a bank of resources from which we can draw.   The form is available in electronic form and can be returned to the office or your child's teacher.



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